About Us

Founded in 2003, LIPA 4-19 is a part-time performing arts academy for young people in the 4 to 19 years age range. It offers young people wonderful opportunities to explore and express their creativity and aptitude for the performing arts through classes in acting, dance and singing.

Our teaching philosophy is based on fun and inclusion for all, while our lessons are tailored to suit each age group.  This allows our teachers the flexibility to adapt classes for individual students ensuring that every student is given the opportunity to fulfil their potential.


Our focus at LIPA 4-19 is to give every student an opportunity to develop confidence and life skills through the performing arts. We can attribute our success at achieving this to the unique, close relationship that LIPA 4-19 has with the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Above all though, LIPA 4-19 is fun - for both our students and teachers!.

We want to ensure that every LIPA 4-19 student receives a quality educational experience. Every LIPA 4-19 academy provides teaching according to the following principles.


To provide socially inclusive, structured, high quality and innovative performing arts based activities with the aim of positively engaging, exciting, motivating and developing young people.


We believe that participation in collaborative performing arts activities (acting, music, dance) can help young people to develop a range of personal, social and learning skills which can help them develop as rounded and grounded members of society. The underlying approach of LIPA 4-19 is based around these themes:

  • Growth through creativity
  • Striving for individual excellence
  • A balance between process and product
  • Collaboration
  • Application of skills
  • Innovation
  • Celebration of diversity

All activities undertaken within the LIPA 4-19 programme are centred on the individual’s personal growth but within the context of shared group activities.


After a year with LIPA 4-19 a participant of whatever age should have enriched their:

  • Performance technique
  • Confidence in creativity and heightened imagination
  • Sense of confidence and self-discipline
  • Sense of individual identity and self esteem
  • Sense of their own strengths and positive recognition of their weaknesses
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Understanding of group dynamics
  • Open-mindedness and sensitivity to differences
  • Communication skills
  • Basic understanding of the creative process
  • Ability to respond to criticism and learn from it