LIPA 4-19 Academy Associate Rainhill

Rainhill High School, Warrington Road, Rainhill, Prescot,
L35 6NY
Telephone: 01744 677205 ext. 327

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LIPA 4:19 Academy Associate Rainhill is a part-time performing arts academy​ that gives 4 to 19 year olds the opportunity to explore and express their creativity through:

  • Acting
  • Dancing
  • Singing

LIPA 4:19 Academy Associate Rainhill is split into three age stages:

  • Early Start : Ages 4 -6
  • Academy: Ages 7-15
  • Academy: Ages 16+

Classes take place over 12 week terms and there are three terms within one academic year.

LIPA 4:19 Academy Associate Rainhill is based at the Performing Arts Centre on a Saturday morning, as follows;

  • Early Start (ages 4 to 5) 10.00 - 11.45am
  • Early Start (Ages 5-6) 11.45am - 1.30pm
  • Main Academy (ages 7-16+) 9.30am - 1.00pm

Term fees for each age group are as follows;

  • ​Early Start : Ages 4 - 6 £132.50
  • Main Academy: Ages 7-16+ £265

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