Curriculum and Examinations


‚ÄčIn order to help students make the most of their potential, LIPA 4-19 has developed a detailed curriculum for each age group and discipline outlining aims and objective.

This helps to ensure that, regardless of their ability and knowledge on entering LIPA 4-19, students acquire the necessary skills and techniques needed as they progress through each of the age groups in academy.

This 'learning curve' is designed to help students build confidence and enough experience that will encourage them onto further education or performance colleges. Some may progress on to Higher Education.

Our flexible curriculum supports LIPA 4-19's non-auditioning approach by ensuring that each term has set learning outcomes that contribute to examinations and end of year performances regardless of the length of time spent with us. This applies whether you are a new student (who has never performed before) or a more experienced student who has studied for several terms. 

Students demonstrating exceptional skills in one or more of the disciplines have the opportunity to attend the advanced classes in each discipline, to support their further development.


LIPA 4-19 provides students with the opportunity to take examinations in acting, dance and singing. We believe taking part in examinations can offer an important sense of achievement.

We want our students to gain the best results they can so students are given the best preparation and training from our teachers. For new students starting at LIPA 4-19, we like students to have at least two terms of training with our teachers, before they are entered for any examinations. This is so we can give the students the experience, knowledge, discipline and the professional training they need to help them feel confident enough to enter for examinations.

The examinations can help students to gain confidence. By entering and succeeding in the examinations they can see their hard work paying off. For students who want to further their career within the Performing Arts, these accredited examinations can be included on their CVs. When students apply to universities via UCAS, some instituitions will also consider these qualifications as part of the student's overall points score, although LIPA itself does not do this. 

The examination syllabuses are: