Licence FAQs


What does a Licence involve?

We are offering a Licence that will allow you to run a business as a LIPA 4-19 Associate. Under the Licence you will be allowed to deliver programmes based on the LIPA 4-19 model in a fixed geographic area.

Why should I pick a LIPA 4-19 Licence instead of starting my own company or theatre/stage school?

This is one of the most important questions to be answered for anyone contemplating starting their own business. The simple answer is because of the difficulties a newly-formed and not yet established theatre/stage school will face in its early years. We have successfully developed our LIPA 4-19 business and are able to offer advice on developing your own. As a LIPA 4-19 Licensee you will be able to tap into the support available, as well as utilize the renowned LIPA 4-19 brand for marketing and promotional purposes. The support allows you to concentrate on running a successful business..

What support can I expect?

We have a professional support team who is available, on request and at a cost to you, to assist with the launch of your venture and provide an ongoing service. The combination of our transferred skills, knowledge and procedures, and your commitment, determination and professionalism are key to the successful operation of a LIPA 4-19 business.

Will I receive any training?

We are able to provide, on request and at a cost to you, comprehensive training in all aspects of the LIPA 4-19 Programme. This will be delivered at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, and you will receive a comprehensive grounding into our teaching style, curriculum and operations. You will also have the opportunity to benefit from LIPA’s own proven marketing strategies.

What are the advantages of the LIPA 4-19 Programme for students?

There are many advantages including a focused LIPA curriculum for each age group and discipline, a direct link with the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, exams taken through accredited boards, the LIPA ethos of social inclusion and equal opportunities, and a fun and friendly environment for all.

Why should I choose to become a LIPA 4-19 Associate?

There are many reasons, including the immediate credibility of being affiliated to the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts; the invitations to LIPA events, the back-up of a dedicated, experienced team and the possibility of attractive financial returns.

Is this a growing market?

The potential audience is the 12 million young people in the UK aged 19 or under, so there are plenty of people to appeal to.

There is also a growing demand from parents for high quality educational activities for their children, especially where there are tangible benefits in terms of greater confidence and self-esteem, social inclusion and group skills.