Academy age 7 to 15


LIPA 4:19 Rainhill offers Saturday classes in acting, dancing and singing in the Performing Arts Centre Rainhill.

Weekly classes last for 3 hours, and incorporate dance, drama and singing.

All classes help to develop the skills and confidence that underpin any progress in the performing arts. They are designed to ensure that the student's journey to proficiency is fun, invigorating and rewarding.

Class time

Registration 9:30
Classes commence from 9:45-1:00pm

How to apply

To apply for a place you will just need to complete the 'Apply now' online form on the home page and the relevant application will be sent to you. 


Fees are £265 per term (12 weeks) All fees are via an online portal ‘Parent Pay’ and can be paid termly or in monthly instalments throughout the term or year.
Access and login to the Parent Pay site is provided upon enrolment.
We offer sibling discount of 50%.
Rainhill High School Pupil discount 20%​