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Having established our brand, methods and curriculum, we want to offer our programme to a much wider audience.

We have proven the business systems and gained the valuable experience we need to build a LIPA 4-19 network. We launched LIPA 4-19 in 2003 and have extended our coverage to the whole of Merseyside. We now intend to develop coverage across the UK through Licences to become a LIPA 4:19 Associate.

We are looking for individuals with a passion for the performing arts who want to make a difference, and a living, by building a business around talented, enthusiastic young people. By joining our network, Associates are in a unique position to affect the lives of young people in their local area, and to benefit from the immense market potential that is to be found everywhere in the UK today.

A successful Licensee will have a passion for the performing arts and is likely to have some professional or amateur experience. They are also likely to have experience of working with children. They will need a head for business, managerial and marketing experience, plus well-developed people skills. They will also be a good communicator, with an understanding of what makes young people tick.

Being a LIPA 4-19 Associate, while rewarding, can present challenges , so a prompt and level-headed response to problems is essential, along with a caring personality.

LIPA 4-19 Associates have an opportunity to apply their creativity, experience and business acumen to the development of their own successful business. While no teaching qualifications are necessary, Licensees must have the personality and skills to manage the teaching team and maintain teaching excellence at all times.

Enthusiastic self-starters who enjoy working with young people, LIPA 4-19 Associates have the motivation and commitment to make a proven system work for them, their teachers and their students.