​Every year at LIPA 4-19 the students get the chance to perform in a large-scale end of year production.

Performance work is an essential part of LIPA 4-19. Show work provides students with the fundamental experience of performing to a live audience alongside their peer group and allows them to get a real taste for the theatre.

At the show the students perform a showcase of the work they have produced throughout the year. They perform a variety of material from each discipline that showcases the students to the best of their ability. The show is also an opportunity for parents to evaluate how much their child has learned and improved throughout their time at LIPA 4-19.

The Liverpool and Maghull academy students get the opportunity to perform in the professional setting of LIPA’s largest theatre space – the Paul McCartney Auditorium.

The students usually perform their shows over a period of two nights and all performances are filmed so that students, family and friends can purchase their very own DVD.