Safety and Codes of Behaviour


The safety of your child is paramount. We operate to strict codes of practice that have been developed to safeguard your child's safety and well being. We ask all participants to co-operate with these policies.

Self-discipline, a professional attitude and timekeeping are qualities that all performers need to be successful. Indeed, these are useful qualities to bring to any career. Good manners, self-respect, respect for others, taking responsibility for your own actions and how they impact on others are all part of a professional attitude. Our training seeks to instil these qualities.

We have a uniform dress code. We believe this allows students to focus on their studies and friendships without unnecessary concerns.

 The principles of our organisation are to provide our students with the following:

  • An unwavering commitment to quality in every activity we undertake
  • A friendly, creative and safe learning environment
  • Motivational teaching by highly qualified teachers
  • Personal growth through creativity
  • Equal opportunities and social inclusion for all
  • An effective and fair complaints-handling system.

 We continually strive to attain the highest standards of:

  • Teaching quality
  • Teacher's expertise and knowledge
  • Student services
  • Internal and external communications
  • Location standards
  • Student safety

We value every member of the LIPA 4-19 team and recognise the contribution they make to the success of the whole enterprise.

We endeavour to maintain clear and effective communication between all members of our network.